Marina Z.


Alexandra is a true artist. She feels, she reflects, she cares. Each picture is a unique work of art with lots of heart, character and love. She sees what other don’t. I worked with Alya on numerous projects, including maternity, family, nudes and portraits, and I can’t be thankful enough for her patience, creativity, support and mind-blowing results. She has a unique eye and style. I absolutely recommend to work with her if you want timeless memories - looking at which you will say: “Just wow! I’m in love!”

Alexandra Oleynik

New York

It was an immense experience to work with Alexandra. She is a true master with a talent to catch the moment, locking into each photo all the emotions like a memory gem full of life. Her photos are so unique and valuable, and different from glamoured and cliched pictures. Her photos have soul! And style!



Alexandra is a true artist. She sees and feels the essence of the people around herself and translates this into powerful photographs! Her visual language says more than words can say! 

Liya Kofman Petrides


If you’re into riding rollercoasters, you know that feeling of climbing slowly and casually to the top of the coaster, almost forgetting about the upcoming drop (the actual reason for the ride) and then, suddenly, looking down to see that the rail ends, and you’re about to begin the descent, fast and furious, down to the tiny trees underneath, sweaty palms and aching heart and all… This is how I felt when I saw Alexandra Vainshtein’s recent photo-shoot gallery of my 13-year-old daughter for the first time. It’s not that I didn’t already know the beauty and charisma my child possessed. It’s just that teenage-hood drew so close to the end of her childhood, and I didn’t even notice that her grown-up life is already stretched-out in front of her, “hidden in plain sight.” This is because Alexandra doesn’t simply access how the subject looks by itself and in the context of the surroundings, but because she actually looks “inside” the subject and captures what she sees through her lens. I think every parent of a teenager should consider doing a photo-session with this enormously talented and thoughtful artist. Not only will you become a proud owner of many beautiful picture-art pieces with your child as the subject – you actually might learn a few things, that, while you were busy laboring to give your child everything-everything, you might have already missed.

Elvira G.


Alexandra is an incredibly talented photographer. Her work is very emotional and sensual, relaying the character of those she shoots, painting them in her unique style while keeping true to the subject's identity. She's able to achieve this by her sheer photographic talent and just as important her ease with her clients. Alya is a true pleasure to work with, she instantly put us at ease and let us be in the moment while she did her magic. My normally shy kids were so playful in front of the camera like never before. Can't wait to have our annual family photoshoot with her next year.

Marina Heisel


I am so grateful my friend recommended Alexandra to me! Working with her was pure pleasure and the results exceeded all expectations. We did a Brooklyn outdoor family photo shoot and what I loved the most about the experience is that it was so relaxing and enjoyable from the first minute. Family photo shoots might be a stressful affair but Alexandra managed to make everyone feel at ease. She came up with wonderful ideas as we were strolling around the neighborhood and all of them turned out great on film. Alexandra is very talented and sees things with a professional eye. We as a family look happy on the pictures and that’s what makes it a lifetime family keepsake. More than just photos, it’s Art.

Olga P.


I am so glad we found Alexandra, and that she found time to do the very first photoshoot for our family! To say she is an amazing photographer would be an understatement. Professional - yes, but also just a generally very nice person, she instantly knew what we were looking for, and how to approach our baby. A potentially stressful experience (our daughter is only 6 months old and gets tired fast) turned out to be a lot of fun - a morning filled with laughs, love and affection. Her photos are full of natural light and warmth. We are proud to have that moment captured by her, and our expectations were not only met, but exceeded!

Uyola Jayde

New Jersey

I truly could not believe that she shoots without filters, gels, and lights. This is true black and white, the real deal, done by an artist who truly has a gift for composition, symmetry, and lighting. The best part? She makes it pleasant. Lovely. Easy. Peaceful. If you have ever modeled, or have posed for portraiture, you know how stressful the process can be. You sweat. You're self-conscious. You get tired. But not with her. She has a gift - and what a gift it is!

Natalia Korionova


Alexandra was great! We did family photos with our sons (3.5 y.o. and 15 m.o.). She new awesome places at Central Park and made the whole experience very enjoyable. The pictures are amazing! She managed to capture unique and real moments of our everyday life. Alexandra was extremely professional from the beginning to end.



I would like to thank Alexandra for taking such beautiful images of my daughter and her friend! Alexandra has such a gift! She is really able to capture the personalities of the children (and not only children!)... and totally able to bring out the very best in them! Once again - Thank you so much for great pictures and awesome experience!​

Nikol Levitsky


I want to say a huge thank you to Alexandra for creating a memorable and beautiful wedding photos. Not only is she fun and easy-going, but she is full of great photography ideas that will blow your mind. HUGE recommendation!! REALLY! She's the best!